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The Lion, the Rhino and the Buffalo

Welcome back!

I’m just back from camping and finding my bearings, but thought I would share three titbits from Africa’s most hunted to gear you up for 2024: 

The Lion – especially the male lion – rests a lot. He does this to preserve energy, so he can show up for the big moments to protect the pride. Sleep, people. The science supports getting lots of rest so you can show up when it counts. 

The Rhino is known for its thick skin. Legendary toughness, which still doesn’t save it given the overwhelming appetite for its horn and the treasure it holds. We’re going to need lots of resilience in 2024, and thick skins too. 

Buffaloes win because they stick together. The herd mentality reigns supreme. I’m not saying just follow the group blindly – but going it alone is probably a bad idea.The answer is probably in being the head buffalo, hey. And then running towards the storm, not from it!

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