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Adaptive leadership refers to the ability to lead in the face of ambiguity, to pivot strategies quickly, and to inspire and motivate others to do the same. This course is designed to help individuals develop the skills and competencies required to lead organizations through complex, uncertain, and rapidly changing environments.


Do you want your A-player to make better decisions by really taking into account all the different factors at play in your business? Do you want to implement the best proven techniques of execution and accountability, while incorporating new data and techniques through AI and evolving technology?

Would you like your A-player to manage their time and priorities better, and do more empowering of their team than taking tasks on themselves?

Are you invested in their personal and professional growth? Do you want to encourage them to learn and grow through peer review and accountability?

Artificial Intelligence has well and truly arrived as a threat or resource. Flexible and remote working options are here to stay. These trends cannot be ignored by employers who wish to attract and retain top talent and remain competitive in their respective industries.

The Adaptive Leadership course has been designed to marry the traditional leadership disciplines of goal setting, accountability and execution with modern options of digital meetings, online alignment tools and AI-driven productivity enhancements. 

It follows the following structure:

  • Monthly 2 hour interactive learning segments (Zoom) - 2 tools workshopped each session

  • Full access to online course material for duration of course (Thinkific) - videos, resources and tools

  • Monthly 2 hour Kitchen Cabinet meeting (Zoom) - your own board of advisors for problem-solving and accountability

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Financial Management


Best practices for financial management and starting with margin, including how to calculate and optimize your margins, how to manage your cash flow, and how to make strategic financial decisions that align with your goals.


Core Purpose & Customers


The process of discovering your core purpose and core customer, including how to conduct market research, how to identify your unique value proposition, and how to define your target audience.


Visioning & Communication

EMBER 2023

The process of visioning and communicating your vision with your team, learning how to craft and communicate a vision that inspires and guides your team towards success.

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Sweet Spot & Digital Transformation

JUNE 2023

Indentify which tasks to outsource, how to choose the right outsourcing partner, and how to leverage AI tools to optimize your productivity and achieve your goals. 


Flexible Workforce

JULY 2023

Best practices for managing a flexible workforce, including how to choose the right remote working tools, how to set clear expectations and goals, and how to foster a collaborative and inclusive remote work culture.

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Data Analysis & Predictive Dashboards


Setting and tracking your goals using predictive dashboards, including how to choose the right metrics to track, how to interpret and analyze your data, and how to use your insights to adjust your strategy and achieve your goals faster.



Kaniz Ladha

This course has helped me to identify and keep track of my goals, breaking them down into smaller, measurable targets. The tools provided are very practical and easy to implement.

Jilna Shah

 PG is a great coach and extremely patient allowing you to express yourself and grow. The course is a great way to change your mindset and helps bring about innovation and creative thinking to grow the organisation.

Avni Dawda

Fantastic course. Would highly recommend it

Zainuba Kassam

Good content and interactive; have given us good ideas as a firm to think of and implement!

Mit Sinai


"I have had the pleasure of attending PG's leadership training sessions and have been incredibly impressed with his approach and methodology. PG's approach to leadership training is highly practical and effective. He provides a wealth of real-world examples and case studies that are relatable and relevant to our daily work lives. This makes his sessions highly engaging and easy to follow, which I find incredibly valuable.

Furthermore, PG's methodology of experience sharing is highly effective. By sharing his own experiences, he helps us understand and apply the concepts. This makes the training highly interactive, and I have found it to be an excellent way to gain insights and knowledge.

In addition, I have been impressed by PG's methodical approach - He is highly organized and has a clear plan for each session, which makes it easy to follow along and ensures that we cover all the essential topics.

I am inspired by PG's positive attitude and energy. He exudes a sense of passion for what he does, and it's evident in how he conducts himself during the sessions. His enthusiasm is infectious and helps create a positive and productive learning environment."

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