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Max & The Moneymen


It is the dawn of a new millennium and for ex-superstar golfer Max Myburgh, things are finally looking up. He is back with his university sweetheart, he has great friends and he is patching things up with his estranged brother. His business career is also taking off, thanks to the guidance of his mentor, Richard. 


But working in a high-growth sports management company is not always easy. It’s an era of giant sports events hosted by South Africa, complicated empowerment deals with shady politicians and investors, and unethical business practices. 


As the success, recognition and monetary rewards pile up, Max finds his personal relationships fraying, his principles compromised and his sense of direction muddled. As the pressure builds, Max has to choose between loyalty and self-interest, between the ethical high road and the lucrative low road. 


Max will once again head to the mountains to look for clarity. His journey to the sacred lost city of the Incas will give him the answers he needs, if not the solutions that he’d hoped for.  


This timeless tale of the seductive nature of status, money and power will resonate with anyone who has found themselves swept along by the tide of work and career, only to find that the summit is not all they had thought it would be … 

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What Our Readers Say

John Harrington

Great characters. It had much more heart than I expected, and I really found myself pulled into the story.

Brian Brault

I just finished Max & the Moneymen. As usual, I absolutely loved it. I can't wait until Max & the Milestones comes out.

About the author

PG Geldenhuys has spent a lifetime exploring the world, hiking beautiful parks and meeting interesting people. His luxury safaris business and his retreat planning businesses focus on connection through nature. As a keynote speaker and global facilitator, he loves to work with business owners on realising their personal and professional goals.

When he isn’t teaching or spending time with Caroline and the boys, you can find him doing personal work on the world’s epic trails. PG now has four published novels under his belt.


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