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Max & The Mulligan

In the sport of golf, a mulligan is an extra stroke allowed after a poor shot, not counted on the scorecard


Life, like golf, rarely gives you second chances.

Max Myburgh grows up privileged and ignorant of the turbulence around him in Apartheid South Africa. Obsessed with being a champion, he pursues his dream of being a pro golfer at all costs.

By the time he is 21, he stands at the precipice of stardom. A champion with the perfect girlfriend and a stellar future, he has everything he has ever wanted. Except the one thing that was always most important. And then, cruelly, it’s all snatched away.

Max has to learn the true meaning of responsibility and maturity, and how actions have consequences, whether intended or not. His road to redemption is set against the backdrop of 1990s South Africa, and historic events in that exciting time of democratic transition will impact Max’s life in ways he could never have imagined.


From the fairways of Scotland to the slopes of Kilimanjaro, Max will learn that making hard choices is the only way to grow. This book, filled with relatable characters and interesting historical moments is for everyone who ever needed to let go of their dreams and start over.

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What Our Readers Say

John Harrington

I just finished the delightful Max & the Mulligan… and I’m blessed to have read it, and so grateful that PG shared it with me. Such a lovely story. Great characters. It had much more heart than I expected, and I really found myself pulled into the story. I absolutely enjoyed it. PG is a gifted story teller. Well done. This book helped start my new year off in the most wonderful way.

Brian Brault

Max and the Mulligan is an absolutely awesome book. I really loved the writing style and the messages contained. They are important life lessons.

About the author

PG Geldenhuys has spent a lifetime exploring the world, hiking beautiful parks and meeting interesting people. His luxury safaris business and his retreat planning businesses focus on connection through nature. As a keynote speaker and global facilitator, he loves to work with business owners on realising their personal and professional goals.

When he isn’t teaching or spending time with Caroline and the boys, you can find him doing personal work on the world’s epic trails. PG now has four published novels under his belt.


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