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A story of romance, rugby...and chasing your dreams

Offsides is a story about a boy...and a girl...and the way their dreams and ambitions keep them apart...


When tragedy strikes, injured young rugby star Jimmy swops cosmopolitan Cape Town for small-town life.  Starting over can be tough and the locals notoriously reticent to accept outsiders - then he meets Lauren.  Strong willed and independent, she knows what she wants in life, and it doesn’t include a handsome newcomer.

From the dusty streets of Oudshoorn to the exotic beaches of Thailand; the privileged stomping grounds of the Stellenbosch elite to the hallowed halls of Oxford University; the sun-kissed hedonism of The French Riviera to the snow-covered heady slopes of Austria; Lauren and Jimmy’s lives are destined to be inexorably thrown apart and then tauntingly reconnected.

Their romance is fraught with betrayal and the choices they make will test their relationship to the limit.  Separated by both circumstance and opportunity, they must make the unenviable choice between striving for professional and financial success, or following their heart.

This intriguing and delicious story full of family drama, glamorous locations and highly relatable characters touches to the heart of what it is to be a native of the country at the southernmost tip of Africa – and embraces the game that is at the core of South African DNA – rugby!

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About the author

PG Geldenhuys has spent a lifetime exploring the world, hiking beautiful parks and meeting interesting people. His luxury safaris business and his retreat planning businesses focus on connection through nature. As a keynote speaker and global facilitator, he loves to work with business owners on realising their personal and professional goals.

When he isn’t teaching or spending time with Caroline and the boys, you can find him doing personal work on the world’s epic trails. PG now has four published novels under his belt.


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