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High Fives, Taking a Break and Being Present

So we did it. We published two books this year!

The first one, The Three Sins of New Leaders, came out in February and is a companion piece for my PDP Executive Online Course.

You can download a free sample on Kindle here!

The latest volume in the Shoshin Walks saga, Max & the Moneymen, we snuck in just before Christmas.

It’s for sale on Amazon here

We’ll give ourselves a high five for bringing out two books in 2023, non-AI assisted as well (and not that I didn’t try… but the AI has its limits. Kind of like a robot playing the piano). Well, truth be told, I did redo the cover with the assistance of AI.

But that’s it!

Now it’s time for a much-needed break with the fam and switching off all the squirrels running around in my head till the new year.

Happy Holidays everyone! 


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