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Taking a Stand, Great Expectations and Trust

As we buckle up for 2024, I want to reflect on a few things that were once again brought home to me in a big way this year: 

  1. Treasure your people. I mean the ones you can have a real conversation with, and who you can take into your confidence – and who lets you into theirs. I have many many friends and fellows in my life – but my PEOPLE are few and far between. Worth it to remain invested.

  2. We are vulnerable to the people we love the most and never is that more true than with our children. It is a humbling thing hey – the little ones have a way of breaking down our defenses, and I am still learning to curb my expectations. Life’s greatest joy, and life’s greatest challenge, indeed.

  3. It’s never easy confronting people. I had a lot of people call me names this year for taking a stand for what I believed in and what was important to me. It’s okay – I’d rather be called names than not take a stand. 

I wish you, and yours, rest in these final few days of 2023 before we turn the page. 

Happy New Year everyone!

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