I draw my process from lived experience and great teachers.


ONE-ON-ONE COACHING (ENNEAGRAM & 7 HABITS BASED): There is both an element of coaching (define, train and execute towards goals) and mentorship (shared experiences and concurrent problem solving). I prefer a three month engagement, whereafter you should have what you need to push forward.


STRATEGIC TEAM FACILITATION (ROCKEFELLER HABITS):  Define a current reality, identify blocks and opportunities, choose priorities, establish accountabilities. These are 3-4 hour sessions, and initial sessions may focus on one of process mapping, values alignment or strategic focus.


KEYNOTES: I condense some of my biggest takeaways from workshop work to my core keynote: EMBRACING IMPOSTER SYNDROME: 3 LESSONS FROM LABRADORS.

PG Geldenhuys (B Acc MBA)

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