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We empower leaders with powerful tools to

raise their game, reach their goals and make a difference.


Alon Gordon

Thank you for the many invaluable learning days you've lead us through. You are undoubtedly the best trainer I have ever had the privilege to work with. 

Kaniz Ladha

This course has helped me to identify and keep track of my goals, breaking them down into smaller, measurable targets. The tools provided are very practical and easy to implement.

Jilna Shah

 PG is a great coach and extremely patient allowing you to express yourself and grow. The course is a great way to change your mindset and helps bring about innovation and creative thinking to grow the organisation.

Elvis Ogeto

Great personal learning and tools shared to actualize this.

Lucienne van Pul

A powerful coaching journey providing me with both personal and business insights.

Zainuba Kassam

Good content and interactive; have given us good ideas as a firm to think of and implement!

Avni Dawda

Fantastic course. Would highly recommend it.

Darragh McGillicuddy


"PG Geldenhuys is an accomplished business leader with deep and broad experience in coaching business leaders and entrepreneurs on how to scale their businesses effectively. He takes a bespoke approach to each client and draws on a wealth of techniques, tools, methodologies and skillsets in order to ensure the most effective solution is being implemented. This ensures the business owner gets the right support for their needs, in a way that is easy to implement and sustainable for the business. I can recommend PG to help any business executive and/or business owner as an effective, collaborative and useful coach."

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