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Alon Gordon

Thank you for the many invaluable learning days you've lead us through. You are undoubtedly the best trainer I have ever had the privilege to work with. 

Caroline Wyly

PG! You are an absolute legend! Thank you for taking me along on your journey. It's been a privilege!

Akhona Mahlati

Thanks a million for your knowledge, your kindness and your great presence. It was an absolute pleasure. 

Philippa Courtenay

Thank you PG for your enthusiasm and expertise!


Deborah Smook

To start my own business, Pieter has been my most instrumental mentor.

Lucienne van Pul

A powerful coaching journey providing me with both personal and business insights.

Kelvin Jonck

As a trainer at EO, he has taken our training ratings to new heights, showcasing his ability to lead leaders.

Denton Muil

PG, you impact so many lives in so many ways you can't even begin to imagine! Bravo!

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