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Short Bio:

  • 25 Years in business leadership, building, leading, exiting, merging companies.

  • Our luxury travel business is now run by my wife post-covid. She is my most challenging coaching client.

  • I mix mentorship, networking access (my superpower) and coaching to help clients and peers scale their business and their personal effectiveness.

  • A coaching mindset has its limits when applied to a four year old or the dog, but I have had decent results with committed founders and business leaders.

The long version, rewritten in the tone of Anthony Robbins with the help of ChatGPT...

Introducing the unstoppable force of transformation and unwavering dedication: PG Geldenhuys, the unfazed adventurer and curious coach. Throughout his remarkable journey, PG has fearlessly embarked on transformative paths, leaving an indelible mark on the world. His unwavering commitment to effecting change through the power of words and nature has shaped his life's purpose.

Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Finance and a Master of Business Administration from Stellenbosch, PG possesses a formidable arsenal of knowledge. But his true strength lies in his ability to ignite the spark of transformation within others. As an Accelerator Trainer, Enneagram Coach, and Distance Learning instructor, he empowers individuals to unlock their full potential.

As a global keynote speaker, PG captivates audiences with his invigorating talks on building intentional effectiveness through the PDP Process: Planning, Delegation, Priorities. His words resonate deeply, inspiring individuals to take charge of their lives and make meaningful changes.

In 2003, after a triumphant exit from the family business and a notable stint in senior leadership for a large listed company, PG fearlessly embraced a new adventure. With unwavering determination, he bootstrapped his first tourism venture in 2008, which blossomed into the renowned award-winning tour operator, Classic Escapes. This remarkable endeavor laid the foundation for a series of transformative ventures, including Tourism Boot Camp and Shoshin Walks, both of which emerged from the visionary mind of PG.

Shoshin Walks, the brainchild of PG and his team, merges the awe-inspiring benefits of embarking on epic walks around the world with gentle yet powerful personal growth work. Through workshops, keynotes, and personalized retreats, PG illuminates the path to personal and organizational growth, empowering individuals to unleash their hidden potential.

Classic Escapes, a venture PG co-pilots with his extraordinary wife Caroline, curates luxurious experiences in Africa's untouched regions. Their commitment to excellence and passion for showcasing the beauty of the continent have elevated Classic Escapes to new heights of distinction.

Deeply devoted to uplifting his community, PG spearheads Tourism Boot Camp, a South Africa-based NGO. With a resolute focus on Scaling Up People, particularly the talented youth of South Africa, PG provides them with network access and tackles historic challenges head-on. Through this noble endeavor, he breathes life into dreams, empowering the next generation to transcend limitations and embrace their boundless potential.

PG's literary accomplishments further amplify his influence. His novels, including "Offsides," the first book in the Shoshin Walks Series, "Max and the Mulligan," and "The 3 Sins of New Leaders: A Bebems Book," bear testament to his extraordinary ability to inspire through the written word.

In the sanctuary of their home nestled on the slopes of Table Mountain, PG resides with his beloved Caroline, their two remarkable boys, Matie and AJ, and their furry companion, Leia. Together, they form an unbreakable unit, a testament to the power of love and unwavering support.

PG Geldenhuys, the unfazed adventurer and curious coach, continues to leave an indelible mark on the world. With his unyielding spirit, boundless curiosity, and unshakable commitment to transformation, he serves as a beacon of inspiration, guiding countless individuals towards a life of purpose, growth, and fulfillment.  



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