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In this episode of RadEO, we talk to Pieter Geldenhuys – A lifelong tourism professional – who loves to figure out problems on long hikes. 


We chat about how he used the covid crisis to fast-forward the things he was going to do in 10 years’ time.

Successful entrepreneurs will tell you that starting a business is ugly. You never have exactly what you need. You never know exactly what you need to know. Successful entrepreneurs know that sometimes you need the guts to build a parachute after you’ve jumped out of the plane.


Pieter has always had a list of other things he always wanted to do. 2020 - and the temporary obliteration of the inbound safari market -has opened the time and space to launch Shoshin Walks, which offers retreats on the world's epic hikes. He also suddenly had the time to finally write that romance/adventure novel, and as an Accelerator Trainer for EO (Entrepreneurs Organization) he trained entrepreneurs in 15 different countries on methods and systems to scale up their business. Most of this was done from his 2-year-old son's bedroom.


This podcast celebrates real-life examples of inspired leadership to create more of it in our workplaces. Co-hosts Tyler Bayley and Susan Power interview guests on Inspired Leadership. "Inspire" means to excite, encourage, or breathe life into. Inspire comes from the Latin word that means to inflame or to blow into. When you inspire someone, it is as if you are blowing air over a low flame to make it grow. 


In this great conversation, we explore what shoshin is—the Zen buddhist term for a beginner’s mindset. You’ll also hear how a talented entrepreneur who is focused on tourism survived the chaos of 2020, and why walking is such a great way to learn and grow!


How ‘Shoshin’ are you? Find out about this Japanese approach to the beginner’s mindset and how it’s helped entrepreneur Pieter Geldenhuys – also known as PG Geldenhuys – live more fully. 

PG facilitates hikes and retreats in South Africa and abroad to help you turn your focus inward, through his business Shoshin Walks. And he’s also learned that big shifts come from having a beginner’s mindset. 

PG’s adventurous spirit is infectious. He shares his travel tales and his philosophy with hiking and being in nature. In this productive conversation, we also discuss meditative walks, writing novels, cliches – and observing ducks.

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