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In today's dynamic business landscape, staying ahead of the competition requires more than just routine planning. It demands a strategic edge that can only be achieved through thoughtful facilitation and expert guidance. With our specialized facilitation services, we empower companies like yours to harness the full potential of their strategy sessions. Join us on a journey where we turn your quarterly strategy days into transformational experiences, unlocking innovation, collaboration, and sustainable growth. Discover how we can help you chart a course for success in the ever-evolving world of business.

Have you ever felt that your quarterly strategy sessions could benefit from an external perspective and facilitation to stimulate fresh ideas and breakthrough solutions?

Are you looking to optimise your strategy days to ensure they are not just meetings but transformational events that inspire your team and drive results?

Can you envision your company's quarterly strategy days as opportunities to not only set goals but also to empower your team, enhance communication, and ultimately accelerate your company's growth?

Our Workshops

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Culture &



Time Management


Xinxin Qiu

The content shared  and questions asked made me think out of the box.

George Mutua 

PG and team are always full of insights.

Mit Sinai

It is useful to learn how to break down big goals into small measurable goals, and get into the specifics of the relationships and people

Elvis Ogeto

Great personal learning and tools shared to actualize this

Mit Sinai


"I have had the pleasure of attending PG's leadership training sessions and have been incredibly impressed with his approach and methodology. PG's approach to leadership training is highly practical and effective. He provides a wealth of real-world examples and case studies that are relatable and relevant to our daily work lives. This makes his sessions highly engaging and easy to follow, which I find incredibly valuable.

Furthermore, PG's methodology of experience sharing is highly effective. By sharing his own experiences, he helps us understand and apply the concepts. This makes the training highly interactive, and I have found it to be an excellent way to gain insights and knowledge.

In addition, I have been impressed by PG's methodical approach - He is highly organized and has a clear plan for each session, which makes it easy to follow along and ensures that we cover all the essential topics.

I am inspired by PG's positive attitude and energy. He exudes a sense of passion for what he does, and it's evident in how he conducts himself during the sessions. His enthusiasm is infectious and helps create a positive and productive learning environment."

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