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Gazelle’s One Page Personal Plan is an amazing tool for establishing short-term action abilities, by anchoring long-and medium-term goals and vision.



The Enneagram forms the foundation for self-leadership, a critical first step towards being a better leader to your team.

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Use the principles of Wildly Important Goals, Lead Measures, Compelling Scoreboards and Accountability Cadence to level up your leadership.

My personal coaching and learning framework starts with a 3x 90min engagement over 6-8 weeks. We cover your personal and professional goal framework, we understand your triggers and motivations through the Enneagram and we put in place an agreed implementation structure for your goals through the 4 Disciplines of Execution.

After initial engagement, we can incorporate a monthly check-in and growth cadence agreed for every quarter. I also offer an in-house team facilitation service to clients, anchored around quarterly strategic days.

Coaching clients have complimentary access to my online courses for them and their key executives.

What our clients say

"I came to Pieter for advice and guidance when I started a new business in the Tourism Industry. He not only provided guidance, he also introduced me to key players in the industry. He went way beyond a normal coach and helped me choose processes and systems for my business that helped ensure success." - Warren Lieberman, Drum Cafe

"PG's approach to leadership training is highly practical and effective. He provides a wealth of real-world examples and case studies that are relatable and relevant to our daily work lives. This makes his sessions highly engaging and easy to follow, which I find incredibly valuable." - Mit Sinai, RSM East Africa

"Dang! You are such an amazing and impactful writer. It’s not just your style. It’s the incredible wisdom you sprinkle in. Sometimes subtly, sometimes not so subtle. Really love reading your work." - Brian Brault, Legacy of Significance

Darragh McGillicuddy


"PG Geldenhuys is an accomplished business leader with deep and broad experience in coaching business leaders and entrepreneurs on how to scale their businesses effectively. He takes a bespoke approach to each client and draws on a wealth of techniques, tools, methodologies and skillsets in order to ensure the most effective solution is being implemented. This ensures the business owner gets the right support for their needs, in a way that is easy to implement and sustainable for the business. I can recommend PG to help any business executive and/or business owner as an effective, collaborative and useful coach."

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